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                  Cornell Electronics Systems:

* New Cell Phones And Servic

* Satellite TV Service

* High Speed Internet

* Identity Theft Protection

* Business Charge Card Service

* Pre-paid Cell Phone

* Text Alert

* Marketing

* 5 Line Velocity-The Latest Tablet Device

* Data Vault- Secure Off Site Date Back Up

Cornell Electronic Systems has been licensed and partnered with a fortune 500 Company to offer you prices and money back on services you already use everyday.
Visit our new products website at: www.5Linx.net/cornellproducts
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Welcome to Cornell Electronic Systems, Inc.




The skilled technicians of Cornell Electronic Systems, Inc. has been chosen over all other companies for over 31 years.

We are experts in the design and installations of structured electronic wiring.

                                    250 Fulton Ave., Suite 605,
                                        Hempstead, NY 11550


                  Toll Free: 888-498-3688

                          Phone: (516)279-6910

Fax: (516)279-4353

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250 Fulton Ave. Suite 605, Hempstead, NY 11550