Cornell Electronics Systems:

Whether your building is a National Franchise, Daycare Center, Banking Facility, Synagogue Temple, Church, Senior Center, School, College, Night Club, Catering Hall or Private Home...

We have the skilled technicians to do it all.

Each year businesses lose billions of dollars due to vandalism that chould have been provented by a properly installed Security System. Cornell Electronics can offer you an inexpensive solution to protect your home, business, church or school. Our systems are installed using the highest standards and monitored 24 hours a day by a U.L listed Central Sation. Our highly trained technicians neatly install a system specifically to meet your security needs.

Alarm Monitoring :

Cornell Electronic Systems and trained technicians install security systems with strategically located for “devices ” type protection. Cornell’s Customer Service Representatives will work with you to design a system that fits the unique needs of your businesses and homes. We will employ a combination of door sensor, motion detection devices, glass break detectors and silent hold up appropriate to adequately provide coverage in your facility.


Monitoring/Dispatching for Commercial/Industrial/and Residential
• Supervision of security-burglary systems
• Once an intrusion signal reaches the automation system at the Cornell    Signal Receiving Centre (SRC) the Cornell operator will assess the    situation and respond according to established operational procedures
Zone Monitoring
• The Cornell system has the ability to distinguish which zone/detector within a system has activated the alarm.
• This permits the police to respond directly to the exact door or window of the attempted break in.
No Home Phone- No Problem
• Alarm systems need a means to dial the police or fire station in the  event there is an emergency. Many home owners only use cell phone as their primary means of communication. We install low cost digital cellular dialers to handle all of your 911 emergencies.






Cornell Electronic Systems, Inc.



Low Battery Signal Monitoring/Dispatching
• A low battery signal indicates that the back-up power supply for the    monitoring panel is low
• The responding Cornell operator will then contact the appropriate    personnel (Ex: Maintenance, Engineering, Building Manager, etc.) as    well as the Cornell service coordinator to have a technician replace
   the battery
Power Failure Signal Monitoring/Dispatching
• A power failure signal indicates that the AC power to the alarm    panel has been compromised
• The alarm panel will deliver the Power Failure signal to  the centrol station
• The responding operator will then contact the appropriate personnel. (Ex: Maintenance, Engineering, Building Manager, Homeowners, etc.) if the  customer has requested that these types of events be dispatched
Security Alert
• Be aware that theives, child molesters, and rapist access homes by pushing in window a/c units.


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